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Launching in September 2022, Cowbridge Pride is an annual week of events. The aim of the project is to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, provide education and raise funds for resources in Cowbridge and Vale of Glamorgan schools.

Cowbridge Pride was founded by Ian H Watkins, a member of the band Steps, along with Tom Hope, and has subsequently received backing from the Welsh Government and The Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Across its numerous events, Cowbridge Pride has brought thousands of visitors to the area and has driven community and footfall to Cowbridge.


It is crucial to have pride in rural areas like Cowbridge, as numerous LGBTQ+ individuals tend to relocate to major cities like Cardiff or London in search of their community. This migration leads to decreased visibility, hindering the opportunity for people to meet others who share similar identities, ultimately impeding the evolution of opinions and LGBTQ+ people feeling isolated. 

Despite its conservative reputation, residents of Cowbridge come together to show their support and paint the town rainbow.

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Cowbridge Pride has provided state of the art sound, stage, and lighting equipment for Iolo Morgannwg, as well as match funding those costs to Y Bont-Faen. In addition, Cowbridge Pride has financed tablets and a cinema screen for Clych, along with new books and reading materials.

We have supported the implementation of inclusion and diversity teacher training programs in Ysgol Iolo, Y Bont-Faen, Y Cylch & Bro Morgannwg Schools.


The LGBTQ+ Film Festival, organised in partnership with The Iris Prize, has been successfully launched by Cowbridge Pride. All proceeds from the event have been directed towards TransAid Cymru and supporting filmmakers, directors, and actors in initiating media projects within Cowbridge.

Furthermore, Cowbridge Pride has sponsored creative learning and songwriting workshops, where students have had the opportunity to compose their own songs and create music videos. Students have also been involved in designing their own Pride flags, which were then combined to form a school-wide flag showcasing everyone's unique designs.

The Parade organised by Cowbridge Pride has attracted more than 2,000 individuals to Cowbridge, contributing to increased foot traffic for local businesses and fostering a sense of community engagement.

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